Kritter, Mala, Kritter, Mala, Trofast, Trofast! Sundvik, Kritter, Mala, Trofast, Poang!

Nope, it is not a Swedish cheer. It is what I assembled Monday to create the kids’ playroom.

After spending the morning moving my stuff out of the room and then cleaning the floor that has been neglected since we moved in, I headed out to IKEA. This time, it was to get the shelving that will replace the ones in our office; nothing that I was going to put together today, but I had the freedom to go get the shelving without sticking my wife on child duty. Upon my arrival home, my wonderful downstairs neighbor helped me unload the eight bookshelves. Man, do I owe her! I brought in the rest of the gear and put the child seats back in the car.

Ice, ice, ice. I finally took a break to ice my back which is starting to feel all the work I have done over three days.

After doing a few other odds and ends, I got to work assembling the kids’ room furniture. I left one adult table in there to use as a workbench, and that has probably saved my back. Bending over to do all this on the floor would have put me flat on my back for a week. As it is, I am due for lots of ice and stretching.

I hope the kids like it when they get back. I imagine it will be a bit of a shock even though we have been talking about it with my daughter. My son will just be surprised, but I hope he is also happy because he has permission to enter this play room.

My next project

Bin storage, the tent, part of the sofa, and the round table

The sofa, a shelf, the round table, and the poang chair

The workstation


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