Yards of Yard

My father-in-law is visiting his grandchildren this weekend which means splitting time between two households. Thursday, he came over to our house a bit before noon. This allowed me to pick up my daughter from preschool without having to bring my son along. It was great to get down there by just hopping a bus without a stroller and to walk the entire way back with my daughter as she warbled on about her day and whatever came to her mind. After arriving home, I was able to hand her off to my f-i-l while my son slept. I then did the work the yard has needed for months including leveling the remaining part of the garden, trimming hedges, and mowing the grass. I filled four bags and three barrels of yard waste, and the place looks better.

Earlier in the day, however, my son and I did some initial yard work together. We took the stakes from the garden and put them in the garage and started putting some of the old sunflower stalks and gigantic weeds from the garden in a yard waste barrel. His joy at helping with a real task was radiant. His smile as he carried two poles to the garage to give to me, that image will stick with me for a long time.


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