In the Shallow End

Sunday was the first swim class of this cycle. This time, we are taking both kids and both adults. It is a family outing.

I didn’t see much of my daughter’s class which was four kids and an instructor. They were situated on a submerged platform from which the instructor could take them one at a time to do an activity. It seemed to go well. My daughter was pumped up to take swimming classes, but when the moment came to get in the water with a new teacher, she started backing up and saying that she was tired or feeling like a bad monster or any of the other avoidance techniques she has refined recently. I reminded her that she was disappointed that she didn’t participate in soccer as much as she could have, and then I got in the water. She got in with me and easily transferred to the teacher. At that point, my wife handed me my son, and I headed to the other end of the kids’ pool.

My son is in the toddler’s group, and I was in the water with him. He slowly warmed up to the idea of being in the water and even was fairly tolerant of the floating on the back activity which regularly sends more than half the class into screaming fits.

Overall, it was a positive experience, and I really look forward to the family getting out together for this on a weekly basis.



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