Writing this on Monday before the brunt of the storm hits, the day off from school has not really been a day off for me. I normally don’t work at school on Mondays, and I take care of my son for the morning and both kids through the afternoon. Monday, however, my daughter’s school closed. My wife’s did as well, but she has a lot of work to do, so she took the opportunity to skedaddle and get some work done. Thus, my normal Monday became herding two kids while not really being able to get out. A whole day inside with two cooped up kids.

Luckily, the neighborhood came to the rescue. The morning was spent over at a friend’s house while our kids played, and as I write the afternoon has seen my son sleep for a long nap and my daughter’s friend from another neighbor’s house come over for a play date. It is so windy that they drove her the block to get here.

Other kids make my kids so much more manageable. We’ll see how the night goes with the bulk of Sandy overhead.


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