Bye, Bye Ween

My daughter was in her element this Halloween. Dressed in the borrowed astronaut outfit and occasionally even taking big, low-gravity steps, she rang out with Trick-or-Treats and Happy Halloween as we went house to house. Our favorite location, one block of a street nearby that goes all out in a coordinated house decorating frenzy, lived up to its reputation with a Deadly University theme. Each house was a different department, frat, or other college related location. The Science Lab was awesome with bubbling dry ice in beakers of colored liquid, but Sal Minella’s Memorial Cafeteria was over the top.

While my daughter enjoyed the evening, my son started in the stroller with a stunned look on his face. Later, when we left that block, he got down and really got into going up to doors, picking a piece of candy from the offered bowl and putting it in the pumpkin bucket. After only a few houses he was trying out the, “Happy Halloween” that was being bandied about. “Bye, Bye Ween” was his version, and that is about right.


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