Soloing and Swiming

Solo parenting is nothing new for me or for my wife. We both have events and schedules that put the other into solo parent mode. Sunday, featuring an open house in which my wife’s students were singing, was no exception; I was on solo duty during swim class. Given my daughter’s recent tendency to melt down when challenged and not near one of us, I was worried about her reaction to getting in the pool with the instructor that she only had once before. I would be nearby, but I also would be focused on holding my son and doing the activities of the toddler group.

I worried about this for at least a day. Not only the in-water part, but I also built up tension around the slippery tile, the miniscule family changing room, my lost car key that turned out to not be there, and even the required swim diaper that is posted everywhere and that we don’t yet have. With all of these things going through my mind, it was amazing that my kids were able to get in the water without any major mishaps. Positive thinking can bring about good results, and negative thinking can make its own reality. Realizing this, I just tried hard not to think.


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