Together but Separate

On Thursday, I drove to drop off my daughter to school. I don’t often do this, but with slush on the ground and a fairly persistent rain falling, it was just not nice walking-for-half-an-hour weather. It was also not nice outing weather, so I brought my son home. Both of us were soaked, and with a change of clothes and warmth of being inside feeling nice, I decided not to make a spontaneous plan to go out again until it was time to pick up my daughter from school.

I wanted  to do a bit of arranging in the office because I am beginning to get my space settled. Usually when I go into the office, my son must follow me, and I get no work done. Thursday, was different. He played in the play room and only came in to check in on me once in a while. Of course the play carrot, banana, pizza cutter, and strawberry followed him wherever he went on his rambles through the house. Why those items I have no idea, but this play/work arrangement worked out well for me. I got the last package from Ikea opened and put together, stuff on some shelves, and some more open space created.

I don’t want to spend my days home not spending time with my son, but there are benefits to doing it now and then. I got some much needed house work done, and he also is beginning to learn how to play by himself safely and over a period of time. Both of those are important moving forward.


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