Mist is always mist, but what is mist is not always mist

That line, from The Wonderful O by James Thurber, is what happens when the letter o is removed and things make no sense.

Mist, however, makes a lot of sense in the dryness of forced-air heat, and with winter fully here and snow on the ground, the heat is on. Over the last few years, we have experimented with various humidifiers. Each time we reach a stable configuration, something happens. Our most recent adventure at the end of last season led to rain downstairs. That humidifier was replaced by one that works quite well and is quiet. It uses heat to create vapor and so adds some warmth to the kids’ bedroom as well. Now it is time to find a replacement for our bedroom humidifier. My wife picked up a very similar one, but it makes a boiling sound somewhere between an angry kettle and a pro ping pong match.

I didn’t sleep well with that and eventually turned it off. I just ordered one as close to the one in the kids’ room to replace this loud one. If it turns out to be loud as well, watch out kids; I’ve got eyes on your humidifier!


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