I See the Light

To tell the truth, I wasn’t seeing the light. I’d flip the switch, and the CFL bulb in the bathroom would emit an anemic glow. I have plenty of CFLs through our local hardware store’s free-bulb-a-month program, but they just don’t light up right away. The same problem happens with the main light source in our living room.

I have been chomping at the bit to get some LED lights in to see how they work. I even got a some a few years ago to put in our ceiling fan, but the dimmer we have did not play nice with the LEDs. The prices have slowly been coming down, and standard bulbs fall in the $10 range. That is a lot for a bulb, but if it lasts that much longer and uses that much less electricity than a standard bulb and has no mercury to deal with on disposal, I’ll try one out. I’ll even try two.

My daughter certainly caught my enthusiasm. She watched as I installed the bulbs and laughed when they came on right away. I wonder, in a time when LEDs will be passe or even a distant memory, what she will be modeling for the people who look up to her. I am sure she will be brilliant.


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