Saving the Day, not Daylight Savings

In these northern latitudes, going off daylight savings means that at this time of year the sun sets around 4:30 and will get earlier for a while yet. By December 20th, sunset will happen at 4:14. I spent a little time on Time and Date to see the data in chart form. Right now we lose about a minute and a half of daylight each day.

Somehow these numbers do not illuminate the tipping point where it just feels way too dark too early. That happened for me on Saturday. I was returning from moving out the old bookshelves from our major rearrangement and refurnishing of offices and playrooms, and it was dark in a way that made me feel like it was 8:00 PM.

So how do we make our kids feel like it is late afternoon rather than time to crash? On Saturday, we invited some friends over for dinner and ordered out pizza. One and a half crazy hours later, we were ready for bed, and it was a reasonable time to be putting the kids down. The day was saved.


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