Full, Fuller, Fullest

No, my Monday was not the most full day anyone, including me, has ever had, but it was full. Getting my kids ready in the morning and out the door to drop my daughter off at preschool was the start. A trip to Home Depot to line up my next projects and then back home to switch laundry and get the place set up for a babysitter. After handing off my son, I drove to park near my daughter’s school, caught the T, and had a celebratory lunch near school for a project on which I have been working hard. I reversed course back to the T and school where I picked up my daughter. We zoomed home to relive the babysitter and then received our neighbor’s infant to watch for the afternoon. He was a pretty grumpy kid through the afternoon, but mine took it mostly in stride. Handed him back, and then scrounged dinner before deciding that a bath really didn’t need to happen.

Finally, with kids down and the downstairs to myself, I relaxed with a cider and a recorded program. Full day. Good day.


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