Nature is Always There

A path in crimson leaves.

I have a friend with whom I recently reconnected on Facebook. One wonderful thing about this new connection is her wonderful nature photos she regularly posts. They capture the essence of an experience and resonate deeply with how I see nature. I do my best with my camera phone and often think about carrying something slightly better. I have aspirations of capturing those moments that happen daily as I am walking–sunlit fronds of grass, evening’s warm glow softening trees, snails in their slow dances.

Frost on ivy

Probably I won’t carry the camera any time soon and add another hobby to my overcrowded life, but the idea pulls at me in a way that forecasts the future. For the time being I’ll just appreciate the heck out of my friends images.

I imagine that I acquired this appreciation from nature from my parents who probably see these moments and encounters with nature in a similar way. We certainly spent plenty of time camping, hiking, and generally being outside. Even if I am not capturing these instances, when I am with my kids, I am developing their awareness by pointing out what calls to me. I am layering thousands, millions of images into their consciousness.


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