Wedding Reflection

On Saturday, my wife and I went to a wedding. We left the kids with her father and headed out to rural Massachusetts. The ceremony was in a pretty, old church, and the reception was held in a converted barn. I always like looking at architecture, and these two venues certainly kept me happy. We didn’t know many people in attendance, but my wife’s a cappella group was there with spouses. They are a great group of people to spend the evening with, and we were stuck way back on a balcony away from the brunt of the wedding music. It was really nice to get out for a night and be social.

Weddings also have that element of reflecting back on our own wedding–the process of creating the event as well as the decision to commit to each other. In many ways, this particular ceremony was strikingly different from ours, and in being so different, it highlighted the things we chose as important to us. The joy and feeling of oh-my-god-I-really-just-did-that were the same, though.


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