Give an inch, give a foot

The sofa bed that once resided in the porch off the living room was moved into the new playroom to serve mainly as a couch and secondarily as a bed when grandparents and other guests came to visit. Neither my wife’s father nor my mother have been too comfortable on the sofa either folded out or left in its sofa configuration. I have slept on the bed quite a few times with ok results.

The reason we got this particular bed was the space constraints of it former location. It is durable, space efficient, and that is about it. It is not too comfortable as either a couch or bed, but it is serviceable. My wife’s father is done with serviceable, so he generously offered to pay for a new sofa bed that would be comfortable. He has a favorite brand; thus Sunday afternoon was spent at the furniture store picking out fabrics and styles. My wife and I have been working on process for picking out big ticket items, and this was additional opportunity for us both to learn how to give inches.

The net result, however, is that we will gain a foot of space with a narrower sofa. A foot doesn’t seem like a lot, but that space will be well used when we get it.


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