Down Day

Monday was a down day. The intensity of having  my wife’s family in town for the holiday let up, but perhaps they left a lingering gift. The wood plane and luggage car is a lingering gift that we will enjoy for a long time, but the stomach bug that was being passed around has possibly penetrated our house. I was queasy all day on Monday. When I dropped off my daughter, I heard that several families also suffered from this bug over the break. This only means more vectors to get multiple exposures to a quick but unpleasant stomach virus. I return to my school on Tuesday where I am sure it is the same story. I’d like to dodge this one, but the planets are not aligning well on this one.

The silver lining, and it was a big one, was that my son was tired and took an early and long nap. I finally clued in that he was needing to go down a full two hours early when he lay on the floor of the play room and just fussed. After his nap, he was happy to play by himself and come check on me once in a while as I lay on the couch. He was a very good companion for a nauseous and head-achy dad.


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