I am a Working Dad

My mom recently posted to Facebook a NPR interview about the working dad. I found many parts of the interview resonated with me. In particular, the double standard when it comes to asking an employer for an hour at the beginning or end of the day to deal with childcare is almost assumed for moms but can be a negative for a dad. It is seen as unprofessional or lack of commitment to the career.

I am a working dad, and I will proudly use that label.


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  1. Jon Lawrence

    on the other hand, I sometimes get the “wow, you’re such a great dad taking time to chaperone school trips,” etc. (and few people will say that to the moms who do it all the time) – and my employer (a college) encourages me to do it, while I’ve found some of my female colleagues hesitant to take advantage of that encouragement for fear of not seeming serious enough about work. I never thought of myself as a working dad, although I like the label – it’s a complex issue, that’s for sure

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