Bringing the Heat

Thursday. Usually it is my longest childcare day in which I get up with the kids and get them out of the house before my wife gets up, drop my daughter off at school, do something with my son, pick my daughter up from school, get my son down for a nap, get my daughter to music class after waking son up, and then do the dinner/bath/bed routine solo.

This Thursday, my wife is out of town which doesn’t change anything except my children’s perception of the day, and that does make a difference. But wait; there’s more. After returning home from dropping off my daughter, I noticed the house was kind of cold. I checked the thermostat, and the temperature was less than the set temperature by a few degrees. The heat was not working. I quickly did my scheduled tour of the kindergarten across the street and found a local HVAC person who could come out that day. He came in the afternoon during an impromptu playdate for my daughter. The result was that the heat could not be fixed that day.

I then dropped my kids off with neighbors who also have kids, drove off to Home Depot to get some space heaters, and rushed home to get the rooms warmed up a bit before putting the kids to bed. They went down quickly. I unwound at a games night in my downstairs neighbors’ unit with my monitor happily humming the sound of our noise machine.


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