Birthdays Do Get Better

So Monday was an extended “Daddy Day” with my wife out in the evening. My son got an early and vigorous start to the day around 5:30, a start that none of the rest of us appreciated. We all went downstairs, but with limited bed space down there, I just started my day. After showering and getting my daughter’s lunch ready, I went upstairs to be with my son so he wouldn’t keep the others awake. I will be really glad when this trend of 5:30 adamant awakeness is over. I then wrangled the kids for another hour while my wife caught another 45 minutes or so upstairs.

My wife was able to keep my son while I took my daughter to school and then rushed back home to pick up the reins on my son. He had a doctor’s appointment–his annual one day after his birthday. From his perspective, there have been a bewildering series of events over the last few days. There were a horde of kids his age in his own space. He seemed to enjoy that for the most part. There were some nice things in paper wrappers and bags. He liked some of those. Then there was the doctor’s visit. I don’ think the friends and presents made up for a blood test and shot while being held down by his Daddy. Nope, they didn’t for me either! These were his last shots for a while, though, except for flu vaccinations that can now be inhaled nasally.

Yep, birthdays will get better, my son.


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