Sick Day

I have been fighting a cold for a while, and on Tuesday, I took a sick day. I usually take them when I am flat on my back and useless to the world. This time, however, I am in the midst of a stretch of solo parenting evenings and days sprinkled amongst my regular work schedule and leading to a solo parent trip, with layover, to St. Louis. The accumulation of non-stop demand on my time and energy coupled with already feeling lousy led me to finally take a semi-preventative sick day. I am, after all, already sick. If I didn’t take this one, I think I probably would have set myself back days to weeks with what has been and will be building. Of course, I managed a couple of hours of school work as well as dropping off and picking up my son and being (a small) part of dinner and bath time. I even knocked my personal email down to about 20 by aggressive archiving.

I am writing this Tuesday evening, but so far it feels like it worked. I am jazzed to be at school tomorrow and take on my usual full day with the kids on Thursday. That is far different than I felt Monday night. My son, however, seems to have caught this or another bug. He has a fever of around 100. That may have an impact on the next few days.


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