Talking Parenting

There have been a lot of expectant parents crossing my path recently. From the gaggle at school to ones at social events like Saturday night’s latke party. I am drawn to share with them some of my family’s experiences recognizing that they are getting blitzed by every parent and non-parent with loads of advice and stories. I have tried to whittle the things I offer down to a small handful, and I tend to stay away from several topics.

My number one piece of advice is, take a notepad and pencil to the hospital with you. The three shifts of nurses each day for several days will give you tons of useful advice that you won’t remember because you just had a baby. I offer this because it is probably something the expectant parents haven’t heard. I try to stay away from talking about naming kids. Usually these conversations flow around what both they and I are thinking about.

And these conversations make me smile. I think underneath it all, I get to think about my own kids and their infancy again.


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