Goodnight Mooooooooo!

My son has inserted reading Goodnight Moon into the nightly routine. The book lives on the shelf next to the chair in which I sit waiting for my daughter to finish getting dressed so I can brush her hair. I picked it up a few times to read to him, pointed out some of his favorite objects in the story such as slippers, and the rest is history. It was only Thursday while we were running an errand at Home Depot that I heard him say the word cow. Before that I was concerned that he thought the animal’s name was moo.

Thursday morning, our string of terrible night and morning sleep interruptions continued. Though not as bad as my daughter throwing up repeatedly like the night before, my son decided that he was awake at 5:30 and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Since my daughter was sleeping downstairs in a well covered armchair, we stealthily went downstairs and grabbed some cereal. Stealthily, that is, after having a screaming fit upstairs. After a bit more of a fit, I convinced my son that I was not going to stay up with him and crawled back in bed. Sleep was out of the question with a regular check in by my son, but there were intermittent periods of horizontal rest.

It was all worth it when he took out Goodnight Moon and started reading his own version of the text pointing out all of the items in the room that we talk about each night. He capped it off with a roaring elephant, for elephants now roar in our family.


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