At the Boundary of Values

Both my wife and I are worn out. Travel followed by family visit followed by extended children’s illnesses and the lack of sleep that comes with each of those has just pushed us to that edge that parents get to now and then. Work stress adds to the pile. My wife is far more productive under stress. She buckles down and works hard. I tend to try to hole up in a cave, but that option is rarely available. Neither of us have had a chance to regain equilibrium.

As my wife lay napping upstairs on Sunday, I turned on the Tivo recording of a playoff football game. This is not something I normally show the kids. We normally don’t have them watch screens unless ill, so their screen watching has been much higher for the last few days than normal. One could make the argument that football is like nature shows, but it really isn’t. At least I am fast forwarding through commercials. I am standing at the boundary of values and sanity.


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