My Medicine

Recently, I have been on a spate of house cleaning. It is one of the things that makes me feel productive and that I am turning a corner on something. Of course, the things I really should be focusing on are left undone, but I feel so much better about life that it is ok. A while back, I put together furniture and created a playroom in my former office. My wife and daughter roughly organized the toys in a bin organizer, and that work slowly devolved as my daughter stuffed each bin with pieces of paper on which she had drawn one mark and could never be parted from again. These precious papers obscured everything and were garnished liberally with sheets of unused stickers. Organizing those bins was on my wife and my shared list of things to do, but I could not take it anymore. The corner of my brain that is compulsively organized, and it by no means my whole brain, finally got frustrated with not being able to find anything in the play room. During one of my son’s naps recently, my daughter and I organized everything and even worked on letting go of some of those scraps to the recycle bin. I put temporary labels on the bins that will be replaced with words and pictures once the organization gets final approval and modification from my wife. Ahhhhhhh.


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  1. ahabmike

    I am with you, Dan. And, happily, it’s all I can do to keep my son from trashing/recycling almost everything he owns when we work on his room. (Little exaggeration, but still.) With my daughter, it’s the other story, big time. I am a former (well-organized) hoarder-turning-trash-it-all-er myself. As the hippie bard says, “simplify, simplify.”

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