Commemorative Plaque

Monday, I took my son for his first ever dentist visit. I was worried about his reaction based on my daughter’s first couple of visits to the dentist. It was, however, amazing. The hygienist was not there, so the entire cleaning was done by the dentist. She was great. My son sat patiently on my lap as she scraped away at the significant plaque buildup on the front and back of his front, bottom teeth. I was actually stunned at how good he was through the whole procedure. The only thing that threw him for a loop was the rotary brush which the dentist shut off almost immediately and switched to a regular toothbrush.

I had tried to build up a reservoir of calm and compassionate energy in order to have it available for my son. My reservoir was nowhere near as deep as I wanted, but in the end, I did not need it. My son promptly fell asleep on the bus ride to pick up my daughter from her school. He did wake up for some playground time beforehand, and he walked home from the train station. After lunch he then went down for a four hour nap. Clearly, the dentist visit, while not traumatic, was a large amount of new information to process.


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