Two Hands on the Ratchet

On Saturday, our new couch/sofa bed was delivered. Our old one, an Ikea piece, was not comfortable for either my wife’s father or my mother when they came to visit. My father-in-law took thing into his own hands and offered to replace our existing one with something he found more comfortable.

Our curved entry staircase meant that the delivery men had to disassemble the new couch to get it into the playroom. The kids enjoyed watching the work and pieces of furniture gradually make their way into the room and then the assembly of the new sofa. This came on the heels of taking apart our old one. My wife and I moved it upstairs, but it, too, had to be taken apart in order to fit up our even narrower and more twisty flight from the second to the third floor. My kids jumped at the chance to use the ratchet to take the bolts out of the frame. The unscrewed all of the bolts, each with a hand on the tool.


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