Overclocked Neurons

Overclocking a CPU leads to heat and sometimes a fried component. Children’s brains go through periodic overclocking. The neurons grow and create the potential, and then that potential is filled with new understanding. The result is pathways in the brain being formed and lots of neurological activity that was not there before. This can, evidently, be quite overwhelming.

My son has made amazing leaps in his language acquisition. Words are making sense, new ones enter his vocabulary sometimes with only one modeling, and they are beginning to string together into phrases. Sentences are right around the corner. With all of this growth comes periods of time that he becomes overwhelmed with what he wants to say but doesn’t, in that moment, have the ability to say. The result is a tantrum. He goes full out, on his back on the floor and screaming or moaning. He even bangs his head sometimes. This has only been happening for a few days, and we are responding with ways to try to help him get back under control and feeling secure. This involves lots of holding him or giving him space as needed as well as having time outs and setting boundaries to help create healthy limits on the tantrums. He is already beginning to respond to our parenting, but this period is such a moving target.

On the plus side, he can really ask for some of the things he wants much more clearly than before. Even better, he is starting to make jokes.


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