Snow Day (Part 1)

I could post pictures of a white-blanketed landscape that undulates with curves where once there were well-defined edges, but that was not what we did on this first of at least two snow days. Although there would not have been school on Saturday, it will still be a snow day because other plans have been snowed out, and there will just be a lot of snow around.

Friday could more easily be described as Carb Day. We baked bread and made pancakes. We even invited our downstairs neighbors up for a pancake dinner. It was lovely to share a meal with them, and it also helped to distract the usual craziness of dinnertime. During bath, I scooped some snow off the windowsills and plopped it in the bath for the kids. This was our snow contact for the day. We did spend hours watching the plows and snow clearing efforts that will be invisible by tomorrow morning.


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