Snow Day (Part 2)

Saturday was all about moving snow around. I spent the morning making a path from the garage, around the far side of the house, and along the front walk. I started in on the driveway up to the first of four cars parked there. I also helped clear the neighbors’ paths on both sides of the house.

After taking a break, I took my daughter outside. She shoveled a bit and then we made a trail in the back yard. At the end of the trail was a natural burrow made by our evergreen trees. We deepened the burrow and stomped a path to it. After that we visited some neighbors and played in their yard for a while.

That is the top of the hedge next to the snow blower.

Then it was move the cars and the rest of the snow. My neighbors helped in this process during which I gently bumped the new car against the old car. This new car is cursed, but I don’t think the damage was too bad. All the cars are back in the driveway. I am really glad that my downstairs neighbor did the last bit of snow blowing. My arms are just about falling off.

Tomorrow is sledding day!


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