Extraordinary– Much More than Ordinary

Wednesday was certainly extraordinary.

A normal Wednesday sees both my wife and me at work, our daughter in extended day and brought to our house by a wonderful parent at the preschool, and our son in a nanny share that starts at the other kid’s house and migrates to ours in time for my daughter’s arrival from school. My wife does the drop offs in the morning, and I get home in time to handle the kids in the evening.

That was not the case this Wednesday. For starters, my wife was out of town. Our shared nanny called in sick Tuesday at 11:00, and things just fell apart from there. I was well past the thought of getting to work when our nanny share family came up with a care option, so I took my son over, got to work by 11:00 and had to then leave by 2:45 to pick up my daughter from school. This was not one of my more productive days.

Yet, it was extraordinary in other ways, too. As we walked out of the house, my daughter and I noticed that our front hedge was emerging from the melting snow. It had been buried to the top, and now half of the hedge was visible. We have been watching the sparrows in all of their excitement about Spring. My son is trying out new words, and he is undergoing some sort of development. The signs are there, I just am curious to see what it actually is. Even amongst all of the chaos of Wednesday, I recognized the extraordinary privilege of being able to spend this time with my children and revel in the brief moments and fleeting images that compose the day.


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