It’s the Journey, Really

Friday was another odd day with various moving parts involving dropping off and picking up kids. One of my daughter’s preschool friends had her over for a playdate after school, and I am very grateful to his mother for driving my daughter to her house and entertaining the kids for the afternoon.

I left work at 4:30 to go get her. During rush hour on the train, people cram into the green line, and only a few trains go all the way to the end of the line where I had to go to reach their house. I finally got there, walked a bit, and was greeted with a repeating salvo of, “I don’t want to leave, ever.” After summoning up some energy from who knows where, I gently redirected my daughter to thanking her hosts for such a nice time and excitement about a next possible playdate.

We then walked a block to catch a bus, and that is when the journey really began. I completely missed my zen state of being present and enjoying the journey. I really wanted to get home at a reasonable hour to get a dinner, bath, and bed completed before complete meltdown. Traffic and a transfer had other ideas. We finally walked in the door at 6:30. Walking home from the bus stop, my daughter let me know that one of the highlights of her day had been the wonderful bus ride. At least one of us still had our zen on.


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