• Snow Day
  • Sick Day
  • Stay at home
  • Saturday

Saturday was shaping up to be one of those slogs. My wife had commitments all morning and into the afternoon. Both kids were fighting off a cold, and it was to snow/rain all day. I was gearing up for the energy it takes to deal with a stay inside day with both kids having enough energy to be antsy inside but not enough to brave the outdoors.

And then a miracle happened. I lay on the sofa wishing for a bit more sleep. That is not a miracle; it happens all too often. The amazing thing was that I drifted off as the kids played together in the playroom. Every so often one would come in and ask a question or just nuzzle, but for the most part they were self contained until about 10:30! I only had to diffuse one out of control crying yelling fit when my son tried to take something from my daughter. I even worked on her skills in offering him another item of equal interest to distract him from taking what she was currently using.

I was much happier when my body finally got moving. We then spent about 45 minutes exercising with a yoga for families DVD I recently checked out from the library. We had a nice lunch of grilled cheese on homemade bread, and then my son went down for a nap while my daughter had quiet time. Saturday was an amazing reprieve from the usual and the expected.

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