10 lbs. of Cream Cheese? Sure!

Running completely contradictorily to my urge to shop local and small, we occasionally take the whole family over to Costco. This Sunday, after my son awoke from his nap, we decided to make a trip there. It was brutally cold and windy outside, the kids were bonkers from being inside, so we adventured over there.

There are a few items we regularly get at this least offensive of massive package stores, and the prices on these items are far better here than elsewhere. But, as is intended, there are so many other things there that we always walk out with something else. This trip landed us a new swimsuit for our daughter who will enjoy not squeezing into her old one for weekly swim classes. There were some extra food items that we will eat, and we got a case of wipes to try out. We did stay away from the baked goods and ice creams that come in coma inducing quantities.

Great, we modeled such good choices, and now I am sitting at home jonsing for those things we did not get.


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