Yoga for Families

About a week ago, I requested a couple of videos from the library. It is great living across the street from a branch library where anything from a very large library network can be delivered. One of the videos was Yoga for Families, and we have been having fun with it. Many poses are explained as animal actions, and kids (and grownups) are encouraged to make the animal sounds while doing the poses. It really does make it more fun. When both my daughter and I are doing our closest approximation of downward dog, barking our heads off, and giggling, it is just more fun. There is a nice section on partner poses that work with an adult and a child. She is a bit leery of some, but she really got into sitting on the floor, holding hands, and pushing our feet together and up above our heads. Well, her head anyway.

When I first started getting into yoga, I realized that someone had taught me some poses as a kid. There were a series of moves in the beginner class that people were stumbling over, but I was able to do in a snap. I wonder beyond these experiences in yoga, what seeds will be planted that will only flourish years, even decades later?

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