Odd Jobs

The bottom left hole had a piece of rubber stuck in it.

I usually love to have my kids help out with the house projects and yard work when I can. Monday, however, I grabbed what time I could to knock off a few projects. My wife has been suffering from only getting a trickle of hot water from the faucet in her bathroom sink. I have slowly been trouble shooting this issue, and finally hit on the problem. Only half an hour of work led to renewed hot water and much joy. I also fixed a broken coaxial cable, and a few other things. Mostly, I worked on recreating my song book that is now almost finished.

Being home, I did get to interact with the kids quite a bit, but it was nice to get a few things finished. Of course, there are mounds of other things to be done, and more piling up each day. Triage probably has to happen pretty soon, or my desk will never see the light of day.


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