Dinner for All

I like to cook. Anyone reading this blog or getting my FB status updates probably knows this. I use recipes as inspiration and guidance but rarely do I actually follow one. Thursday afternoon, I had a vision of beef, barley, and potato stew, but I just couldn’t find a starting point in print. I did something that I don’t do all that often. I just went for it.

I cut up and roasted multicolored potatoes and garlic cloves. I caramelized onions and tossed in a half carton of mushrooms to saute with them. I broiled some meatballs with green onion in them after the potatoes came out. In the stew pot, I simmered barley, molasses, herbs and minced hot peppers. To the bubbling grains, I added the roasted potatoes and garlic, then the onions and mushrooms, and finally the meatballs and their drippings as each part was ready. The whole shebang then bubbled away for another twenty minutes. It was fantastic! The kids even ate it which they don’t always do with my cooking; in fact, my daughter was excited about eating it, and my son ate his whole serving. I invited the downstairs neighbors up for a bowl of stew, and they liked it. I had mine with crusty bread and some red wine. Thursday was a food win.


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