Sunday featured chlorine. First there was the two hour total time expedition to the MIT pool that usually nets about 30 minutes in the pool at best. On Sunday, however, I lucked into a parking spot right across the street from the pool complex. Usually I have to park across a state boundary, and if I don’t have the stroller that means either walking at my son’s speed and missing class or carrying him and being sore afterwards. Luck was with us for the first time, so we were able to get through the changing room with time to spare. We used this to play around in some open lanes in the family swim area with a few other families who were doing the same. With the added twenty minutes of time in the pool, my son was zonked and chilled when we finally got out at the end of the lesson. He stayed awake during the ride home only because he had a snack of cashews and a bottle of water. After a quick lunch, off to sleep he went and stayed for a good long time.

In the evening after dinner, we went upstairs for bath and bed. My son had an accident in the tub, so I got the two kids out, called for backup from my wife, who has never been in the room for one of these events, and commenced cleaning the tub with, you’ve got it, bleach. I am sure I now smell of chlorine and will do so for at least another day. However, my kids got to swim and shower in their mommy’s tub, so they probably like the smell for its associations.


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