Dad At Work

The idea of a working dad, a term unfamiliar as working mom is familiar, really applied Thursday. Actually, I was not at work, but my day was pretty long and full.

  • Got the kids up, changed, fed, and out the door
  • Dropped daughter off at school with lunch
  • Came home, started laundry, loaded dishwasher and ran it
  • Walked to stores to do shopping for new dish washing gloves, ingredients for dinner, and restock frozen pasta from local store
  • Walked home, changed load of laundry, washed dishes, prepped for dinner
  • Walked to pick up daughter, she wanted to walk home, we did
  • Fed kids lunch, got son down for nap and daughter settled for quiet time
  • Cut 16 mats for some images I am working with
  • Welcomed father-in-law to house for visit
  • Changed son and put him back down
  • Got son up because he wasn’t going back to sleep
  • Cooked dinner, fed kids dinner, bathed kids, put them to bed

Even though I worked all day, there is not much to show for it and in 24 hours there will be even less. The dishes and laundry will be dirty again. However, it was the other stuff. I pointed out the newly emerging bulbs to my daughter on the walk home, and soon she was finding them everywhere and asking when we could see them bloom. I stopped what I was doing regularly through the day to play with my son. Thursday was a long, productive, and fulfilling work day for the dad-at-work. Maybe the dishes will do themselves?

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