A New Thing

New things bring their share of stimulus and thus energy usage for the kids. New experiences can exhaust them just by being new. On Sunday, the whole family stopped by a Purim festival at a possible site for our children to get religious education. I liked the space in an old warehouse and the feel of child centered and fairly crunchy people. There were lots of very excited kids running around and having fun. The students of the school were manning festival games that they created. The food table had the obligatory hamentaschen, but the rest of the offerings were veggies, stove popped popcorn, and fruit. Great food choices with some of the games supplying plenty of sugar.

My daughter had just come off being ill, and my son had swimming in the morning while also skipping his afternoon nap. The experience of then going to this festival left them edgy when we got home, and I didn’t help things by showing them repeatedly how to use the propeller that my daughter won at one of the games. I guess it was a new thing for me, too, and I was reacting much the same way they were.


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