A New Bed Part 2

With a sample size of two, things are looking good. Last night, my son took a while to fall asleep, but when he did, he stayed asleep all night. Usually, we are greeted in the mornings by his rising demands to be freed from his crib. This morning, he awoke later than usual and just waited quietly in his bed. I finally went in the room to wake up my daughter at 7:30, a full half hour later than normal. All of our nerves weren’t jangled by the yelling that often starts the morning. We were late for my daughter’s school, but I felt it was important for my son to figure out what it meant to be in a new bed both at the beginning and at the end of the night. He is now sleeping in the bed for the first nap time. He went down over two hours ago.

There are  a few extenuating circumstances that may make this trend of two not valid. First, it is just too small a sample size. It is also extremely new to him, so his behavior will change over time. We are in the midst of a snow storm which often leads to longer sleep by both kids. I also walked him around Harvard Square, rode the T, and generally wore him out this morning. I think I could have put him down anywhere, and he would have zonked out. This was my goal, and I hope it helps condition him to zonking out in his bed.


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