Snowy Day

Snow on witch hazel flowers

Thursday, my regular all-daddy all-day gig, featured a constant snowfall that did not accumulate on paved surfaces. Aside from the wind that blew the snow in our faces, this made for a neat day to be out and about. There was the beauty of the snow as it stuck to sides of trees and accumulated in the grass, but none of the issues of taking a two year-old around without a stroller. I have started skipping the stroller and just having him walk, and it is working. It also tires him out enough so there is no complaint at nap or bed time; this is especially important with the introduction of a bed from which he can just exit if he wants to.

The day started wonderfully. My son slept in on his first night with a new bed. Instead of waking to yelling, I finally went in to wake the two kids up so as not to be too late to my daughter’s school As it was, we ended up being an hour late. After taking the bus down to drop off my daughter at school, my son and I walked around Harvard Square, stopped in a few shops, and then took the Red Line to South Station to look at Amtrak trains. After a snack there, we headed back and had successfully killed the three hours needed to pick up my daughter. We rode the bus home, and then after a long nap by my son, we took another bus to pick up the car from the shop. We drove home, had dinner, and then the kids went to bed without baths. The day featured lots of walking and riding transportation.

So we spent the majority of the day just drifting where our feet and the wind took us and enjoying the cold, pretty snowscapes.


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