The Underside of Tough

Friday, I got home from the crazy commute to and from work on a snowy day. I was in one piece, though a little ragged around the edges. As wearing as the day had been, I knew that my wife was probably at the end of her rope with the kids. Her school and my daughter’s school were both cancelled, so she was home all day with bouncy but too ill to play outside kids. Also, my wife had really hoped to get into her school to pick up some things. I knew I was probably walking into the crazy that would make my school day look like a calm picnic in the park.

And I did. My daughter was bouncing around the house, and my son was crying whenever my wife got out of range. We worked together to get through dinner and bed time. In these moments, as challenging as they are, we do get a peak into how our relationship is doing. When we are not doing well, these moments are absolute torture, but when we are doing better, we can support each other and make it through together. Friday was one of those instances. Neither of us wanted to deal, but together we made it work.


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