Meltdowns and Torn Pages

My daughter has been emotionally fragile for the last few days/week. She gets angry and upset easily and then chooses behaviors that end up hurting herself or making even more upset. Perhaps being sick for a while, being kept awake and woken up by my son on a regular basis as he transitions into his bed from the crib, and any developmental thing she is going through are all combining in this phase. Perhaps, also, my interactions with her that have less understanding and more frustration as this phase wears on are contributing as well. It is a little hard to have sympathy when she makes a poor choice and when attempts at redirection lead to her banging her foot on the wood of a stool. The sympathy is there; it just takes time to surface.

Wednesday night, her mood going to bed was pretty bad. In reading Goodnight Moon, one of the core elements of our bedtime routine, she roughly turned the page and ripped it. Goodnight mouse was almost separated from the book. She quickly said, “I know how to fix it.” Having a friend who is a paper conservator, having worked in libraries, having had books repaired by scotch tape, and having a few more years around adhesives and paper than my daughter, I let her know that the book would have to be repaired differently. This after saying, “No, you don’t.” This, of course, did not help her mood at all.

Spring is in the air, my school break is around the corner, hopefully the family is on the mend from the illnesses that have dogged us. We all have torn pages that need a bit of mending. Unfortunately, they are not so easily repaired as ordering some document repair tape online.


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