A Better Recipe or Just Luck

blackberry, pear, ginger crumble

On Thursday, at my wife’s request, I made my new recipe of meatballs in carrot sauce. I also made a blackberry, pear, and ginger pie. As was noted on Facebook and other places, it was pie day, but I only made the dessert because my daughter’s school had containers of blackberries out for the taking, and I had a few pears to use as well. The first go around with the meatball recipe, my son wouldn’t eat any of it, and my daughter ate a small bowlful, mostly because she had been very involved in making it. This time around, however, both kids ate up the portion I gave them and clamored for more. The main change was skipping the roasted pepper. I did like the flavor better this time, and so did the kids, maybe. There are so many other factors that it is hard to tell. The both loved the bit of pie that I gave them.

For those who are interested, here is the meatball recipe as best as I can remember. I made it up, so it is still a work in progress:

Meatballs in carrot sauce

Slice up a large onion and saute it with a container of sliced white mushrooms in olive oil. Also use a garlic press or finely slice three or four garlic cloves in this mixture. While that is going, cut up a bag of carrots and boil them until soft. Keep the carrot water for use later. While both of those are going on, soak some breadcrumbs in a bit of water in a bowl, slice up some chives or green onions and toss them in along with an egg. Add your ground beef to this and mix thoroughly. Make balls of this mixture and put in a frying pan that can be put in the oven. Broil at 450 for enough time to nicely brown the top, and then turn the balls over to brown the bottoms too. While this is going on, add seasoning to the onion and mushroom mixture. I use salt, pepper, cumin, cardamom, mustard, cayenne, turmeric, and not much of those because folk in my house don’t like it spicy. Put the carrots, the onion mixture, and a can or two of tomato paste (depending on how big the cans are and how much you are making) into a food processor. You will probably need to add some of the carrot water to blend it thoroughly and get the desired consistency. Blend as much as long you wish. It can be nice to have chunks of carrots and mushrooms, but my kids would not eat it if there were any visible mushrooms. I even took half from the food processor and blended it to create a creamier base. Pour this sauce into the pan with the meatballs and cook on a low heat on the stove so that all of the drippings and meat flavor can permeate the sauce. Be careful with the hot handle of the pan. It stays hot for a long time!


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  1. Sounds devine! I want to try making Dan’s Meatballs!
    I love using carrots in cooking. They had flavor and sweetness.

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