Boot to the Head

Friday really was not pleasant. The day before break at my school should bring a sense of buoyancy to my spirit, but break entails travel and work, the kids were nutty, and there were extenuating circumstances. I am finally catching what my wife and children have had for weeks, my son threw up in the morning before I got out the door, the day of work was tough and unproductive, and then I got the call.

My daughter is in the Cambridge Public School lottery for Kindergarten, and at after 3:00 on a Friday, I got the call that she did not get into any school we chose, not even the two local ones. We are so wait listed that we will have to start exploring other options. We do have the option to stay in the school district if we accept the placement at a school across town and with a terrible reputation.

I know some good solution will eventually come about, but this news on top of the rest of the day’s frustrations and annoyances was the straw that broke the camel’s back; really it was the boot to the head of a really unpleasant day. I got to stew on the train as it waited between Porter and Davis Squares. I finally got home just in time to finish bath routine with the kids and help put them to bed. Thank goodness for that.


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  1. Hard, hard – I know you and Reena will find a way. I loved the photo of Rose mending Goodnight Moon.

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