School Choice – Not the End of the World

Friday really was no fun. The afternoon call telling us that we did not get any of our three choices for schools sent me and my wife into both a gloom and a frenzy of looking at options and understanding how deep a hole we were in. The weekend was similarly consumed, and on Monday we started to emerge. A call back from the school assignment office confirmed that the seats at the open schools were not reserved but doled out on a first-come-first-served basis. Having made a preliminary selection, we then jumped to take one of the seats at that school as it was the one of the four open that was filling up fastest.

I also put in a call to an amazing school where I used to teach to understand more about their admissions process. My wife and I were not anticipating sending our daughter to an independent school, but that option is now opening up as a possibility. I had a lovely talk with the admissions director who is also the parent of one of my former students.

Monday, the call on Friday no longer seemed like the end of the world. It still is not a fun situation to try to figure out, but options are emerging slowly.


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