Six O’Clock Syphony

Not in the evening. This is six o’clock in the morning. This is when the school across the street fires up its house-rattling boiler. This is when the first bus rumbles down the street and makes that unmistakable sound as it humps over the raised crossing near our house. This is when the first flights from or to Logan pass over our house. This is when, if it hasn’t happened earlier, the first pacifier hits the floor and my son gets restive. Usually he is already awake, but the noise lets him know that it is time to be awake. Then our grumpy neighbor gets in his car, slams the door shut, and revs the engine. Yup, this is our dawn chorus. Any bird nearby is drowned out, has given up, and has huddled in a bush somewhere until school drop off is complete around 9:00 when melodious sounds might be heard.

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