Fun Places to Shop

In the process of rebuilding the gift idea lists for my kids, I inevitably get sidetracked online. While Amazon is an easy place to go and put together a list, there are some very fun places to browse for ideas and shop when time and money permit. Some are for the kids, and some are for the bigger kids:

  • American Science and Surplus – The writing in this site is almost the best part, but all the really cool stuff is actually the best part.
  • Etsy is a vast expanse of cool. Just search your passions. This link takes you to a search of Steampunk where I find some pretty well crafted, strange, and beautiful things amongst some leather clothes.
  • Think Geek – I proudly fly my geek flag and poke around in here for fun stuff.
  • For the makers in us, Makershed and Adafruit are awesome.
  • Uncommon Goods, though gendered in its sections, has some very cool toys. Check out Toobalink!
  • Going with science, Edmund Scientific  and Acorn Naturalists are great places
  • Great ideas for games and outdoor adventure and challenge activities at Project Adventure

Yes, my kids will have a high geek quotient.


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