First Parent Helping of the Year

Our collaborative effort at building a snowman.

On the first day of spring, I fulfilled one of the obligations/privileges at my daughter’s school. I prepared a snack the night before: carrots, cheese cut in sticks (I really can’t bring myself to buy individually wrapped products), bananas, and homemade bread. In the morning, she and I hopped the bus and went to her school for the morning. I spent the day reading books to kids, helping them spell words as they wrote their stories, wiping down tables before and after eating, and helping kids into their snow gear. Yep, the first day of spring saw a great recess full of making snowmen and throwing snowballs at the fence. It was so good to get in the classroom and get to know a few of the kids better. Last year, I did many more parent helpings, but this year my wife and my schedule have made that hard. I get to go back on Friday. Perhaps the snow will be gone by then?


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