Magnetic Strollers

On Tuesday, the family visited a long-time friend of my wife’s. He, his wife, his children, and his visiting reletives welcomed us warmly as always. My children made themselves at home as the adults chatted away. I had a very nice converstaion about school reform, a topic dear to my heart. My daughter played a bit and then found adults to share her time with. My son, who is very content to entertain himself with some human contact, found the play stroller and was occupied for much of the time. For some reason, he has loved playing with play strollers for much of his ambulatory and pre-ambulatory life. I think we will finally get him one in the next few weeks.

As a parent, it is so much fun seeing some of the seminal toys from my own chldhood reemerge from the closets in my parents’ house when my children arrive. Perhaps he will tire of a stroller soon, or maybe it will be one of those toys that last forever in memory far after they are put away or broken beyond repair. Perhaps, even, there will be a time for it to delight another generation. That would be wonderful indeed.


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