Things That Go Bump In The Night!

My son lets us know when he is awake. When in his crib, he would shake the sides and jump up and down. Now transitioned to a toddler bed, he has access to many more vehicles for sound beyond his voice. He loves to kick whatever is nearby. This was the bookshelf in his bed’s former location and now the wall in its new place. The morning, pre-dawn, is filled with many sounds which now include the thump, thump of little feet on drywall. Actually it is more of a boom, boom. Saturday night, I finally pulled his bed away from the wall so that when he awoke, our end of sleep for the night would not be filled with loud bumps. As I sat downstairs relaxing from the whole bath and bed routine, my post-dusk evening was interrupted by a loud thump and crying. He had fallen out of bed.


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